Amazon Holidays~ Escorted Holidays In The Amazon Rain Forest


Angling Holidays In The High Amazon

Big fish, new fish, abundant fish and thousands of miles of rivers and lakes all combine to make fishing the amazon a wonderful experience.

Take the chance to join us for a special amazon fishing holiday. We can assure you of great fishing and a whole lot of unforgetable memories to take home with you.

The possibilities for fishermen in Amazonas are many and varied, we can offer you two very different styles of holiday.

1.Amazon Fishing Cruises

Our Amazon Fishing cruises take you into the wilderness in comfort

Amazon Fishing boat Dawn On The Amazon III We have teamed up with the Dawn on the Amazon Cruises to bring you the best fishing the Amazon has to offer in the unique comfort of this remarkable boat.
We are offering Peacock Bass fishing trips with fish master Bill Grimes and Fly fishing cruises with fly expert Phil Jones
We have a limit of only eight persons per trip and there will only be 5 peacock bass and 2 fly fishing trips this year.

2.Amazon Fishing Adventures

Salton Catfish A real fishing adventure for dedicated fishermen, targeting giant fish, catfish , stingrays, arowana, pacu, arapaimas in some of the remotest locations.
Fishing adventures are expedition type trips under the guidance of experience catfish expert Sid Boulter from the`UK.
Fishermen can be sure to experience the real amazon close up
. If you like the idea of trying a new fishing frontier, where challenges are great and the fish`are enormous, make sure you contact us soon as fishing adventures have only three tours with six places on each this year.

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