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Dawn On The Amazon 3

Amazon Dawn 3Introducing Dawn on the Amazon III, a brand new 65 foot long mobile exploration base camp for small groups of scientists, biologists, educators and students, doctors and nurses, missionaries, fishermen, aquarium  enthusiasts, birdwatchers, entomologists, nature lovers, film crews,  or people wanting to add a new experience to their lives.

The Dawn on the Amazon III has four cabins, four sinks, five showers, flush toilets, and a modern kitchen/bar/dining room with a view. Every room is screened, with fans, lights, real mattresses, and comfortable pillows. A 10,000 watt electrical generator supplies power to eight, 6 volt, 320 pound, deep cell batteries where it is stored to quietly run the lights, fans, freezers, refrigerator, computer, water pumps, etc.  

We have HF radio for long distance river communication, A VHF radio base, and two hand held radios for our crew and clients to communicate from shore or from the small boats and canoes, to the Dawn III, two satellite phones to communicate anywhere in the world, a sonar/GPS unit, and two hand held GPS.

The boat is powered by a quiet, new 125 HP Caterpillar engine. The Dawn is the only tour boat on the upper Amazon with no loose fiber asbestos.The main deck has an open shady area that is ideal for keeping cool and watching life along the river. The upper deck is an open air observation area from which you can watch the jungle glide by, work on your tan, or enjoy the southern hemisphere’s spectacular night sky.

A metal flap in back of the Dawn at the water line is wonderful for swimming, dangling your feet in the cool water, cleaning fish, doing laundry, getting in and out of the canoes and small boats, or just hanging out. The hull is made of Itahuba. Above the water line, it is finished in Violeta, or Purple Heart, Polo Sangre, or Blood Wood, and Marupa.

The décor features the paintings of Francisco Grippa, an artist of world renown, and the wood and tagua carvings of Henry Gary Lomas Vasquez, a young carver destined to be famous.The Dawn on the Amazon III is big enough to be comfortable, and small enough to access the small tributaries where larger cruise ships can not go.

The radio antenna and the lightning rod fold down to slip under the close canopy of the jungle in the small streams where our best adventures await us.

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